Importance of Shopping Comparison Increases

Hitwise presented data today that shows that the “Rewards and Directories” segment, which includes comparison shopping websites, accounted for about 10% of total traffic in Hitwise’s Shopping & Classifieds industry in Australia in December 2008. Only auctions generate more traffic than the “Rewards and Directories” segment.

This is evidence that comparison shopping to sites like PriceMe is growing, and that its importance as an affiliate sector is increasing. The main reason why shoppers prefer comparison shopping sites is that it saves both money and time. Researching online stores is a time consuming task that PriceMe has already done for shoppers. Comparing prices online also enables shoppers to find great deals.

The Hitwise report also shows that electronics, sports, apparel, classifieds and home and garden are growing categories.

PriceMe Survey – participate and win

PriceMe wants to know what you think about the website and the shopping experience we provide. Please take our shopping survey and help us  make PriceMe even better.  It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, so it’s time well spent.  We’ll promise to act upon all great suggestions and feedback that we receive. Remember: PriceMe is community driven! Participants also go in a draw to win $100 in cash!

PriceMe Shopping Widgets – Widgetising New Zealand!

PriceMe launches online shopping widgets today. This is great news if you’re a website owner or have a blog that needs fresh and interesting content. Surf to the Widgets page and check out three different types of widgets; popular products, price trend and best price widgets. Continue reading “PriceMe Shopping Widgets – Widgetising New Zealand!”

PriceMe Goes Mobile

Never get ripped off again! PriceMe launches a mobile price comparison site. Just go!

Have you ever been standing in line in a shop waiting to pay for that great product you decided to buy and wondered whether you’re getting a good deal or not? Wonder no more! Quickly do a product/price comparison on your mobile phone and you’ll know directly if you’re getting good value for money or not. No more guessing or running around in multiple shops!

The mobile site offers product search functionality. Browsing of categories is currently not supported. The mobile site has been designed for speed and keeps download costs at a minimum (we’re only providing you with the most important information).

You can use the mobile site from a wide variety of mobile devices. We have tested it on all major brands, and it’s working fine. There might be some rendering issues on some older models though, so please let us know if you encounter a problem and we’ll try to fix it. Other comments are also welcome of course.

Online advertising increases

The good times for internet based businesses continues.  Online advertisers in New Zealand spent $135 million in 2007 according to a recently released IAB report.  This might sound a lot, but it represents less than 6% of total ad spend. Online advertising exceeds 10% in countries like the US and the UK, so there’s potential for an increase in New Zealand. Besides, the online ‘media consumption’ for Kiwis is around 20% of the total according to the IAB report, which implies that online ad spend doesn’t yet match the new trends in consumer behavior.  It’s therefore likely that 2008 will be another record breaking year for online advertising in New Zealand  as advertisers realise that they can gain better ROI on their ad spend online.

Server problems resolved

PriceMe has experienced some problems with the server lately (as you might have noticed). The traffic on the website and the amount of information displayed have increased  significantly lately, which caused increased load on our server. PriceMe had ‘only’ 95% uptime the past week, and there was not enough memory availabe  for search at times. This is not acceptable and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. Continue reading “Server problems resolved”

Transparency – blessing or tyranny?

One of the main consumer trends in recent years is ‘transparency‘. Transparency means that all the stakeholders have equal access to all the relevant information of a market place. In the online shopping space, this translates into accurate price info of the total price of a product and an objective insight into retailer service and product performance. Continue reading “Transparency – blessing or tyranny?”