Here’s an easy way to start your Christmas shopping list !

It’s time to get super-organised and start planning your list of Christmas gifts for family and friends. It might only be September, but a little bit of time spent now and over the next two months will save all that crazy last-minute activity and disappointment later! Continue reading “Here’s an easy way to start your Christmas shopping list !”

Fixed width layout and more changes

The PriceMe layout has been revamped in the latest 4.2 version released earlier this week. The main change is that we now employ a fixed width layout instead of the liquid one that we previously used. It’s easier to control the layout of fixed width pages, and we can also ensure that the pages look OK on most devices including smartphones. This is basically how PriceMe looked like until May of 2008 (for those of you that have been using PriceMe for a while). There are still a few minor issues with the new layout that we’ll resolve shortly. Continue reading “Fixed width layout and more changes”

Wishlists, Price Alerts and Review Analysis

We released a new version of PriceMe.

Product page:
– Offers from the same retailer grouped together for products that have many retailers.The ‘see all’ link has therefore been removed since it isn’t needed anymore.
– Product page status bar.
Continue reading “Wishlists, Price Alerts and Review Analysis”

Google Login, Design Updates, Performance Improvements and More Updates

It has been a productive month for the PriceMe development team: yet another version packed with improvements was launched earlier this evening. Here are some of the new features: Continue reading “Google Login, Design Updates, Performance Improvements and More Updates”

Facebook Like and More Updates

The PriceMe team has been hard at work recently. We just released some minor updates. Here’s a brief summary of the latest updates:

1. Facebook like buttons on most pages

You’ll find the Facebook like button including a count next to the product names and category names. Liking a product on PriceMe helps you to inform your friends of what kind of products you’re interested in or like. The product name, image and a product link is added to your Facebook wall. Please note that you need to login to Facebook to use this feature. Continue reading “Facebook Like and More Updates”