Indicative shipping

Shipping fees often vary quite a lot between retailers.

Some retailers opt for simplicity by offering free shipping for all products or a fixed amount (for example $5.99). In these cases, it’s straightforward for PriceMe to display the exact shipping fee next to the price. Other retailers, however, employ more complex calculation methods where the shipping is based on weight or location or some combination of the two. In these cases, it’s more difficult to estimate and display shipping. We, therefore, decided to at least display the indicative shipping fee where possible instead of just omitting  shipping, since consumers quickly are able to determine which shipping fee that applies.

Mouse over on the shipping trucks with a blue information ‘i’, and you’ll see the indicative shipping for the product.

indicative shipping

We’re often using the following abbreviations:

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Site improvements

We recently released a new version of PriceMe.

Here are some highlights of the new release:

  • Users can select more than one attribute value to filter on. For example, both Sony and LG products can be viewed when browsing LCD TVs.

Multiple brands selection

  • Improved compare page including price graph, more data and the ability to add products to the current comparison without leaving the page.

compare page

  • Added images to the search suggestion. The suggestions now also expand across the entire width of the page.

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Wish lists, retailer pop-up and performance

We released a new version of PriceMe recently. Here are some of the highlight’s:

– Sharing of wishlists via email, FB and Twitter. Here’s my wishlist for example,s_b39ada70-7838-4549-86fa-3b5f72b8eeb2.aspx

– Retailer pop-up when clicking ‘Retailer Info’ or retailer reviews on the product page. Hence, no need for the user to navigate away from the product page to the retailer page to view reviews, store info  etc.

– Simplified fees next to the Visit Shop buttons (only shipping fee is shown)

– Channel Partner Page

– Plural handling for search. Searching for ‘watches’ now returns all watches (previously only ‘watch’ worked)

– Stock level also shown when expanding and clicking ‘View more offers’

– Buttons for ‘Add to compare list’ and ‘Get price alert’ on the product page

– Performance improvements for maps and brand pages.

As always, please let us know what you think of the new version and if you have some suggestions.

Happy New Year to all our users!

Fixed width layout and more changes

The PriceMe layout has been revamped in the latest 4.2 version released earlier this week. The main change is that we now employ a fixed width layout instead of the liquid one that we previously used. It’s easier to control the layout of fixed width pages, and we can also ensure that the pages look OK on most devices including smartphones. This is basically how PriceMe looked like until May of 2008 (for those of you that have been using PriceMe for a while). There are still a few minor issues with the new layout that we’ll resolve shortly.

Some users have comment that the dark background colour isn’t a modern web colour and ‘difficult’ on the eye. We agree to some extent, and have tried to employ a  white background. The current design doesn’t fit a white background though, so we would have to change the design before moving to a white (or lighter) background colour.

The new version also contains other useful changes:

Product page

Order switched on the product page between the retailer logo column and the retailer product column. Most shopping comparison engines (CSE) site display listings this way and it makes it easier for users to find a suitable retailer. In addition, paying retailers get more exposure when the retailer logo is displayed to the left.

More interesting search result page shown for searches having no matches. We removed the filtering options and also added some tips on how to refine/alter the search.

As always, please let us know directly what you think of the new layout and any other suggestions that you might have to improve PriceMe.

Wishlists, Price Alerts and Review Analysis

We released a new version of PriceMe.

Product page:
– Offers from the same retailer grouped together for products that have many retailers.The ‘see all’ link has therefore been removed since it isn’t needed anymore.
– Product page status bar.

– Price alert of retailer on retailer product level.
– Add to wishlist (perfect just before Christmas).
– Review analysis for expert reviews (browse by rating).
– Larger font size for the price.

Catalog page:
– Moved the review stars up to the right of the product name (for the list and search views). This change saves some space and makes the catalog list pages more contact and interesting.

Compare page
Comparison of reviews from the same review source, so that you can easily see if the same person or site rates products differently. Analysing differences in rating from the same sources is a great way to find good products.

Retailer page:
– Standardise look-and-feel for retailer pages.
– Retailer list sorted by popularity by default.

Please let us know what you think of the above changes. We look forward to hearing from you.

Google Login, Design Updates, Performance Improvements and More Updates

It has been a productive month for the PriceMe development team: yet another version packed with improvements was launched earlier this evening. Here are some of the new features:

Support for Google Login
You can now use your Gmail account to login to PriceMe. No need to create yet another account. Why don’t you check it out and add a review to PriceMe? A few months ago we added support for Facebook login.

Google Login

Bug fix in pagination for the catalog pages
There was an issue with the pagination when sorting was applied.
For example, viewing mobile phones and sorting by price worked fine for the first page, but the sorting was lost when viewing the second page.

Nicer looking tabs on product pages
We added some more spaces between the tabs both on the home page and on the product pages.
The whole tab area is now clickable, not only the text on tab. This will hopefully make it easier to navigate using the different tabs.

Like Us on Facebook campaign
We now provide easy access to our Facebook page from the product pages (please see the right column). Like us on Facebook, and you’ll enter a draw to win $100 every month.

Like PriceMe on Facebook

Popularity cloud for related categories
You can now easily find the most popular and related categories for a particular brand by viewing our cloud. Popular categories are display in larger font size. The popularity is based on the number of views the last thirty days.

Performance improvement for price history page
We now load the number of retailers for the price history page separately from the price history graph. First the price history graph is loaded using Ajax so that users can view the most important information first, and then a second Ajax call retrieves the number of retailers.
Simplified registration page
Many PriceMe users have requested us to simplify the registration process. We listened, and removed a few fields. The only fields required are first name, email address and a password.

Facebook Like and More Updates

The PriceMe team has been hard at work recently. We just released some minor updates. Here’s a brief summary of the latest updates:

1. Facebook like buttons on most pages

You’ll find the Facebook like button including a count next to the product names and category names. Liking a product on PriceMe helps you to inform your friends of what kind of products you’re interested in or like. The product name, image and a product link is added to your Facebook wall. Please note that you need to login to Facebook to use this feature.

2. User reviews updates

  • The most recent review is probably the most relevant one and it makes sense to list it at the top for products that have multiple reviews.
  • Bug in formatting for reviews. Empty lines used in the reviews weren’t display on the product page, which made the user reviews look really unfriendly. We have now fixed this bug, and the formatting looks a lot better after this change.

3. Performance improvements
The price history tab has been loading increasingly slowly due to duplicate data being stored. We have now cleaned up the price history table in the database and duplicate data aren’t stored anymore. Furthermore, we optimised the code that loads the graph. The page load time has been reduced, but it’s still rather slow we think so will further optimise it in our next release.

4. Various minor UI changes

We fixed/updated 5 different user interface issues.

5. Fixed buying guide links

Some of the buying guide links to were outdated and we have now updated all links. Please let us know if there’s still an issue.

New Version and Features on PriceMe

We launched a new version of the PriceMe website on Friday evening. Here are some of the highlights:

Google +1 button

Google is going social and the new Google +1 social media features allow Google to blend in things that your friends like into Google’s search results. It works a bit like Facebook likes. Your friends can easily discover what kind of products you like by clicking the Google +1 button on PriceMe.  The majority of our pages now contain the +1 button. You’ll find it in the breadcrumb. Start clicking the +1 button and let your friends know about new and interesting products.

Search suggestion updates

PriceMe has offered users limited search suggestions for about a year and a half. We expanded this feature a few months ago to also include suggestions for retailers, brands, categories and a combination of brand and category.  The new version of PriceMe includes a count for the combination of brand and category. For example, HTC Mobile Phones (15). In addition, the retailer star rating directly appear when searching for a retailer.

Minor design changes

The blue background has been replaced by a white one for most controls except for the ones in the right column. The corners have also been rounded somewhat. Hopefully these minor changes make the pages a bit clearer and brighter. 

New user review tab

We added a new user review tab to the product pages. User reviews were previously displayed further down on the main page (under the default compare prices tab). Users can now more easily find and add user reviews. Please note that you need to be logged in to submit a user review. Furthermore, we have also streamlined the approval procedure for user reviews, so that new reviews appear quicker online.

Writing user activity to the Facebook wall

Users that first log in using Facebook and then review products can have their review appear in the activity stream on their Facebook wall. This is a great way to share the review with your Facebook friends. Unfortunately, the wall update doesn’t work if users first review and then log in (we’re working on a fix for this problem).

More content under the description tab

The description tab on the product page now contains links to brands and category pages as well as some basic pricing info. The layout of the content displayed has also been upgraded. 

Review section

We added a review section to PriceMe. The purpose is to display the latest user and expert reviews.

Tools page

PriceMe has developed some handy tools for shoppers over the years such as search plugins, widgets and mobile apps. Now you can find these tools in one place on our new tools page. There is a link in the footer.

What do you think of the above changes? What do you want us to develop/improve the coming months? We would like to hear from you. Please email us at info at