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If you’re an online retailer (or thinking of becoming one !), we highly recommend that you attend the inaugural Online Retailer NZ conference on Wed 29th October at Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland. The special discount price of $395 lasts only until COB on Thursday, so contact Shelley now at to book your seat. This conference covers almost everything you’ll need to grow your online business, and features a long list of excellent presentations by leading industry figures from around the world. Go for it !


PriceMe is a Red Herring Top 100 Asia Finalist

We’re very pleased to announce that PriceMe has been selected a finalist by the Red Herring’s editorial team, which has evaluated the growth potential and innovation for a large pool of private technology companies accross the Asia business region.

PriceMe is a Red Herring Top 100 Asia Finalist

Red Herring’s Top 100 list is considered to be the most authoritative in the industry for identifying and awarding innovative tech ventures. The final is held in Hong Kong on the  10-12 of September.

Three new affiliates join the PriceMe network

We’re please to announce the addition of three new affiliates to the PriceMe network: – leading source for android news and information & – everything Apple related since 2003 and 2008, respectively.

The era of the smartphone has just begun and mobile shopping has tremendous growth potential in New Zealand. We’re therefore very excited that PriceMe now powers the shopping sections on these sites.  The PriceMe affiliate network currently consists of six leading review and technology sites in NZ. Please letus know if you’re interested in joing us!

PriceMe affiliate network

Retailer Exposure on

We are glad to announce the addition of TestFreaks ( to PriceMe’s partner network. PriceMe retailers are displayed on TestFreak’s shopping pages. Consumers interested in reviews can browse TestFreak’s site and then quickly find reliable online shop for immediate purchase. In short, an excellent new customer acquisition channel for our retailer partners. The PriceMe partner network already includes popular sites such, alaTest and ReviewitNZ.
TestFreaks is a consumer buying guide that aggregates reviews from all over the globe including NZ based sites such as PC World, Tone etc. The total number of reviews is large (can’t recall the exact figure, but it’s in the millions). TestFreaks is run by the Swedish guys that founded the popular price comparison site PriceRunner.

Is your business making sense of its online ad-spend?

Tracking ROI of ad spend 

Online advertising is growing quickly, as advertisers and businesses compete for eyeballs in the rapidly-changing digital space. According to the latest Online Advertising Expenditure Report conducted by PWC for IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau NZ), $183.45 million was spent on online advertising/paid search in New Zealand to the end of Q3, with that figure likely to end up around $255.0 million by the end of 2010.

Despite this huge ad spend, it seems not all businesses (especially SME’s) seem to track their ROI (return on investment) to ensure that they are receiving optimum value from these ads. A recent survey of 1,800 SME business owners by Yellow Pages has revealed that 69% did not measure or check the return from their online advertising investment !

This is very worrying, when we all know that one of the great things about online advertising is that it’s completely measurable.

This brought home to me something that I had almost forgotten about. When we developed the platform for PriceMe, we went to a lot of effort to create a robust PAM (PriceMe Account Management) tool to enable our retailer partners to easily access traffic and account data, reports etc, so they could track their products performance at any time. We discussed at the time we built the PricMe platform the necessity of this, but now I feel redeemed that we went to the trouble and expense that we did.

On our site, our retailers can enable ROI tracking code to see precisely what traffic is referred from PriceMe and how many of these customer referrals are converting to sales with a high degree of accuracy. We pride ourselves on being an effective customer acquisition channel for our retailer partners, so we like to know how many “real” customers we’re delivering! There’s no excuse for a retailer (no matter how small or large) not knowing the metrics of their online ad spend. With tools such as Google Analytics at their disposal, it only takes a little bit of time, effort and the right advice to come to grips with. You can then be assured of understanding what’s working and what’s not, and what return you’re getting from your advertising investment.

Happy retailing !


alaTest co-operation

Great news. alaTest, the world’s leading review aggregator, has launched its Kiwi site

NZ consumers will benefit by this new addition to the local online shopping  landscape by having easy access to a vast amount of expert and user reviews from both local and international review sites. Some of the local review sites that alaTest co-operate with are Geekzone, Getfrank, PC World, ReviewIt NZ etc.

PriceMe has been selected as the exclusive provider of pricing information to alaTest in New Zealand.  This means that PriceMe retailers are now listed on alaTest as well – a new high-quality channel for our partner retailers!

PriceMe will incude alaTest’s review snippets including review score, verdict, pros and cons shortly. We’re planning to add the alaTest reviews under a new ‘Expert review’ tab, which will make the site more interesting and shopping more convenient since reviews and shopping information are bundled together. Please stay tuned.

Are you Converting your Clicks to Sales?

PriceMe is driving  a large volume of traffic to its retailer partners’ online stores.

It’s great to receive qualified traffic to your online store – but are you converting these prospective customers to sales? If not, you may need to have a look at the following checklist to ensure your website is delivering the best ROI on stock units sold and AOV:

  • User Experience – is your site easy to navigate with effective sign-posting and fast-loading pages?
  • Product Descriptions – have you provided informative content with clear visual images?
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout – is it easy for a customer to purchase your products with minimal pages and clicks to get to final checkout?
  • Payment Method – does your site feature a secure and widely accepted credit card billing system?
  • Thank you Page – Do you have an auto-generated “thank you” page that you can use to invite a customer to return and to use for up-selling or cross-selling?
  • Constantly Measure – are you checking your metrics and performance daily to see what days and time traffic is higher, what products your customers are looking at and what your conversion rate is?

It’s worth investing a little time and capital in creating a best-practice website that delivers what your customers want and the best ROI for your business.

PriceMe Traffic Surges

PriceMe is gaining in popularity among Kiwis. Traffic to the website keeps increasing as we keep adding products and retailers.

Key stats for the last 30 days:

  • Visits*: 271,890
  • Number of pages viewed*: 876,761
  • Busiest day of the week*: Tuesday
  • Busiest hour of the day*: 8PM-9PM

*Google Analytics (8th April – 7th May). Stats for the main website only (Deals, mobile and Australian sites excluded).

Hitwise top10 winner

PriceMe was a HitwiseTop 10 Award winner for the period July – December 2009.
PriceMe ranked number 5 based on market share of visits among all  in the Shopping and Classifieds – Rewards and Directories industry. The previous ranking was number six if I recall correctly, so it seems that PriceMe moved up one notch. Hitwise used to have a quarterly reward, but has chosen to award winners twice a year.

Hitwise is considered an authority in the field of website rankings, and analyses server logs and ISP data in order to determine website traffic, so this is a fairly reliable ranking.

PriceMe is committed to keep growing and improving the website. Please let us know directly if you have some suggestions on how to make the site better. We would especially like to hear what the main problems are and what is lacking. With your input we’ll hopefully be able to improve our ranking in half a year.