alaTest co-operation

Great news. alaTest, the world’s leading review aggregator, has launched its Kiwi site

NZ consumers will benefit by this new addition to the local online shopping  landscape by having easy access to a vast amount of expert and user reviews from both local and international review sites. Some of the local review sites that alaTest co-operate with are Geekzone, Getfrank, PC World, ReviewIt NZ etc.

PriceMe has been selected as the exclusive provider of pricing information to alaTest in New Zealand.  This means that PriceMe retailers are now listed on alaTest as well Рa new high-quality channel for our partner retailers!

PriceMe will incude alaTest’s review snippets including review score, verdict, pros and cons shortly. We’re planning to add the alaTest reviews under a new ‘Expert review’ tab, which will make the site more interesting and shopping more convenient since reviews and shopping information are bundled together. Please stay tuned. partnership

The Consumer Institute has redesigned its website It has a new slick web 2.0 look and allows easy access for users to shop online using PriceMe as its shopping provider.

There are currently more than 500 products reviewed by Consumer that link through to PriceMe. This partnership enables Consumer users to shop online quickly and easily using the shopping information provided by PriceMe.

PriceMe Consumer partnership