October Christmas Shopping Tips for Retailers

It’s time to start putting in place some strategies to ramp up your Christmas sales campaigns. We’ve put together a calendar with a list of useful tips to help you make more online sales this Summer and Christmas season. Here are six tips for October.
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How much could you save by shopping online this Christmas?

Online vs the High Street
We all know how convenient online shopping is, but is it true that shopping online can save money too ?

We decided to test this by looking at a selection of the most popular electronic products for Christmas gifts this year, and found that if you purchased all of these gifts (total cost = $5,195) you would have saved almost $1,000 (18%) by shopping online ! Continue reading “How much could you save by shopping online this Christmas?”

iPhone 5 phones available in NZ

Apple fans in New Zealand and all over the world are excited:  The iPhone 5 has arrived! It hit stores in New Zealand on the 28th of September. We’ve seen a strong interested for the iPhone 5 phone on PriceMe compared to the launch of the iPhone 4S.

PriceMe lists three different iPhone 5 models:

Shoppers missing out on millions in savings & discounts

In an idle moment today waiting in the Koru Lounge, I was thinking about statistics around online shopping in NZ (apparently, only 50% of statistics are correct – only kidding !). The latest Neilsen report claims there are 1.4million adults in NZ actively shopping online. Global research carried out by Mastercard each year into online shopping habits, concludes the average online shopper in Asia/Pacific spends over $700 per annum. That works out around NZD$1 billion (and doesn’t include online purchases of airline tickets, travel or accommodation, which are some of the most popular categories !). So conservatively, if 1.4 million NZ online shoppers saved 10% of their annual spend by researching on www.priceme.co.nz , that would total a whopping $100 million in savings for NZ households! It suddenly gives a very good reason to search online before purchasing anything online, and grabbing your share of the more than NZD$100 million to be saved from smarter shopping!
Happy saving!

Transparency – blessing or tyranny?

One of the main consumer trends in recent years is ‘transparency‘. Transparency means that all the stakeholders have equal access to all the relevant information of a market place. In the online shopping space, this translates into accurate price info of the total price of a product and an objective insight into retailer service and product performance. Continue reading “Transparency – blessing or tyranny?”