Easter Eggs Vs. Easter Presents

In a world where we’re bombarded with media coverage about diets and healthy living, we wondered if a lot of people have started to move away from buying Easter eggs, and instead choosing to buy Easter presents for family and friends?

Traditionally, families and friends have come together during this religious holiday to exchange Easter eggs and Easter hampers with such family-oriented fun activities as a traditional Easter egg hunt for the children etc. With an increased desire to keep ourselves and our children healthy,  many people are now opting for Easter presents instead of chocolate Easter eggs and hot-cross buns with lashings of butter etc. Continue reading “Easter Eggs Vs. Easter Presents”

Fathers Day Gifts

Not sure what to buy for your dear father this year? Want to shop for gifts online?

Father’s tend to be difficult to read when it comes to gifts. They do appreciate a nice gift, and  here are a few tips that might help:

Binoculars – A great gift for a father. This is a gift that will last for many years, and you cannot really go wrong with a pair of binoculars. Continue reading “Fathers Day Gifts”