Most Popular BBQs this Summer

It looks like it’s going to be a hot, fun and tasty summer. At least to judge from the interest in Barbeques among Kiwis recently.

BBQ Grill
Photo: BBQ grill

Increased interest for BBQs

There has been an uptake in searches related to BBQs on PriceMe starting this spring and early summer. We compared the number of searches for BBQs on PriceMe during the period 1st Oct – 21st Dec 2015 compared to the same period last year, and found that Continue reading

Heat Pumps Will Save The Environment And Your Money

There are many benefits of heat pumps. You may not be familiar with them, but you should be. More and more small business and homeowners are moving towards the overwhelming benefits and cost savings that heat pumps can offer them. To give you one example: if you’re currently heating with electricity, a heat pump would be able to cut down on the amount of electricity you use by as much as 40%. That savings alone in electricity would quickly pay for the price of that heat pump. Continue reading

Latest Canon Digital Cameras

Canon has consistently been one of the most popular brands on PriceMe over the years, and is beloved by Kiwis. 2012 has been a busy year for Canon so far and the launch of new digital camera models seems to accelerate. Here’s a summary of recent and planned product launches:

Powershot models

Canon has or will introduce six new Powershot cameras this year. The Canon Powershot G16 and the Canon Powershot S120 were launched by Canon in NZ last month.  These two high-end Powershot cameras are both based on the DiG!C 6 Image Processor. The Canon PowerShot SX170 IS and the palm-sized PowerShot SX510 HS both extend the Powershot series. Continue reading

Popular Nokia Mobile Phones

Christmas is approaching quickly, and more shoppers are buying online at this time of the year. Mobile phones remain one of the most popular items this year, but 2010 certainly proved to be a challenging year for some brands. You might wonder what happened to the popularity of Nokia mobile phones this year? It has lost market share worldwide due to the popularity of smart phones like the iPhone etc. Many critics blame Nokia for not having anticipated the increase in demand for smart phones. This is probably partly true, but Nokia is about to bounce back and there are many models that deserve attention from online shoppers.

Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 was released a few months ago and by many heralded as Nokia’s new flagship phone, and build upon models such as the Nokia X6 and the Nokia 5500 Xpressmusic. It’s a modern phone that focuses on connectivity and social interactions. The Nokia N8 phone also comes with an amazing phone (12 MP).

AlaTest has aggregated expert reviews from 287 sources, and the Nokia N8 has an average rating of 78/100. This corresponds to an alaScore of 95, which is excellent.

Nokia N* smart phone

Nokia 5230

The Nokia 5230 is rated a bit lower by the experts than the Nokia N8 phone (alaScore is still very good), but it’s more of a an entry-level Nokia phone which might affect the rating. The Nokia 5230 is easy to use and comes equipped with a very nice touch screen. It’s available on PriceMe starting at $255, so it’s good value for money.

Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

This phone looks great and challenges the iPhone in terms of look and feel. The Nokia 5800 Xpresmusic is a one-touch phone, and Nokia’s first touch screen phone. It’s obvious that Nokia is eager to catch up with other smart phone manufacturers, and the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic is a certainly a promising start. It’s also reasonably prices at around $370.

Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

Other Nokia Phones

There are many other Nokia phones to watch.  For example, you can have a look at the Nokia 7230 model and the  Nokia C5 as well.

New: Muscial Instruments

PriceMe is pleased to announce a new category for Musical Instruments. You can now shop for guitars, drums and bunch of other musical instruments online on PriceMe. Getting into the groove has never been easier!

We’re also adding DJ and Musical Equipment later this week. This includes mixers, Synth, Midi & Keyboard, DJ gear etc.

As always, please let us know if you have some suggestions regarding content and categories.

LED TVs – What is the fuss all about?

Many users have inquired about LED TVs, and PriceMe now has a dedicated category for LED TVs.

So what’s the difference between an LCD TV and a LED TV? They are both flat and use LCD technology for the display? The main difference is that LED TV uses LED backlightning to enhance the quality of the display. LED stands for Light emitting diodes,  and has been around for ages. Samsung has pioneered LED TVs, and simply uses LED technology at the back of its exisiting LCD TVs. So LED is not really a new generation of TVs, but merely a way to improve the display performance of LCD TVs.

What’s the display problem with LCD TVs you’re probably thinking now?  Is LED TV just another marketing stunt from one of the leading electronics companies (Samsung)? Well, marketing  the new TVs as “LED” has probably benefited Samsung, but that’s not the issue of this thread. The main problem with LCD TVs is that the display is not always crisp for “darker areas” of the display. LCD technology causes light to spread from lighter to darker areas, thereby removing some of the contrasts.  LED as back lightning circumvents this problem, since LED can effectively been turned “off”. The result is a brighter display with better contrasts (especially for darker areas on the display).

LED TVs are more expensive than LCD TVs. The current price range on PriceMe is $4,399-$8,999. That’s obviously a lot of money to pay for a performance improvement. Consumers that want the latest stuff or really value a bright and crisp display will probably upgrade their current LCD TVs to LED ones. Other consumers will probably wait for prices to drop.

There are eight LED TVs listed on PriceMe. The most popular LED TV at the moment  is the Samsung’s 40 inch UA40b8000.

Office Products & Supplies

Have a home office? Working for a bigger company? Or just need some supplies for your child? No worries, PriceMe’s new Office Product category has whatever you’re looking for. You can find a broad range of office related products such as writing supplies, business machines, cleaning supplies and furniture. Please let us know if you’re interested to list your products on PriceMe or if you have some suggestions regarding this category.

Mothers Day Offers and Deals on PriceMe

There are only a few more weeks to Mother’s day, and now is a good time to prepare. PriceMe helps you find the ideal gift for your beloved mother.

What about a new perfume for her? There are deals and discounts on perfumes and fragrances. The fragrance gift sets could also be an option. Or a bunch of beautiful flowers at cheap prices that she certainly deserves? PriceMe’s gift section is also loaded with a broad range of gifts that fit mother’s day.

A necklace is always appreciated by women, and you can shop online for bargains on necklaces. Sunglasses protect your mother’s belowed eyes and could also be of interest.

Health & Beauty Products and Prices

More and more consumers are shopping online for Health & Beauty products and realted deals. There is normally little transparency in the market place for these types of products, so spending a few minutes online on PriceMe is a good investment. We’ll help you find the product that you need from a reliable retailer at a competitive price.

PriceMe features shopping deals on Cosmetics, the best prices on Fragrances and perfumes in New Zealand,  personal care items like shavers, trimmers, scales etc.  and also a great selection of Pharmaceptical products online in case you need to improve your health.

Hottest products on PriceMe

The hottest products on PriceMe are currently the following

1. Asus EEE PC 901 – tablet PCs are HOT and Kiwi consumers love them! Tablet PCs are way more portable than laptops, but comes with all the features that most consumers need. And at an affordable price.

2.  Sony Ericson W910i – Great deal. Phone, music and camera – all in one!

3. Canon CP740 Photo Printer – Quite a surprise to find a printer this high up on the popularity list, but the high penetration of digital cameras increases the need for high quality photo printers. The Canon CP740 is easy to use and prints great photos.

4. Sony KDL40V4000 LCD TV – Kiwi shoppers are fond of Bravia and the 40 inch KDL40V4000 certainly delivers. High quality at an affordable price.