Deals Site Revamped

We completely revamped the Deals sub-site. You now find the best offers in NZ based on the largest price drops in the market.

The Deals site originally contained 1-day deals due to the astonishing popularity of daily deals sites more than five years ago. Interest in these type of deals eventually waned once users became saturated with short-lived offers of arbitrary products. We, therefore, decided to skip the daily deals in order to focus on price drops instead. The price drops cover the entire range of products listed on PriceMe. This should, in our humble opinion, be the ideal way for consumers to discover hidden price drops in the market.

How do we calculate price drops?

The calculation of the percentage drop in price is straightforward. We compare today’s lowest price of a product with the price seven days ago. Limiting the time period to seven days ensures that we only display fresh offers that recently dropped in price.

Deals criteria

The following criteria exist for inclusion on the discount site:

  • Any product listed on PriceMe except for accessories.
  • Max price drop of 85%, since EMMA steeper drops are deemed to be incorrect.
  • Min price drop of 1%.

What do you think of the revamped site? Please let us know.

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