iPhone App Redesign

We have exciting news: the new PriceMe iPhone app is now available for users running iOS 9! It took awhile to completely rewrite the app. The development of the new version of the app commenced in March and we finally managed to launch at the end of August.

PriceMe iPhone App Home Screen.

So what has changed? A lot. First, the app has a new and clean interface that resembles the Android app and the website. We strive to deliver a uniform look to our users regardless of whether browsing the website or using the app. Second, we have added new functionality. Here’s a list of some of the new features:

Price alerts and product favourites

Price alerts and product favourites are supported. Easily set an alert or favourite by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the product screen. Favourites are useful for bookmarking your products of interest. The website also supports favourites, which means that users can set a favourite on the website and later access it on the app (this functionality requires login).

Product filters

Product filters can be applied to faster find and compare products. We’re continually expanding the number of filters in order for users to faster narrow down and find products.

PriceMe iPhone app filter overlay.

Recently viewed

The app also stores your recently viewed products and searches. You’ll find the recently viewed as a side overlay by swiping to the right or by visiting the home screen.

PriceMe iPhone App Overlay.

Other improvements

Many sections of the app were improved including:

  • Distances to stores.
  • Product reviews.

What are the next steps for the PriceMe iPhone app?

  • Improved layout for iPad users. The new version of the app doesn’t render so well on the iPad as we didn’t have time to optimise the app for it.
  • Support push notifications. We’ll add push notifications for price alerts and other important information in the next version of the app.
  • Internationalise the app. The PriceMe iPhone app is currently only available in New Zealand even though the PriceMe comparison service is available in eight other markets.

Please let us know what you think of the app. Thanks!

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