Most Popular BBQs this Summer

It looks like it’s going to be a hot, fun and tasty summer. At least to judge from the interest in Barbeques among Kiwis recently.

BBQ Grill
Photo: BBQ grill

Increased interest for BBQs

There has been an uptake in searches related to BBQs on PriceMe starting this spring and early summer. We compared the number of searches for BBQs on PriceMe during the period 1st Oct – 21st Dec 2015 compared to the same period last year, and found that

  • there were 39% more searches for BBQs overall on PriceMe.
  • searches for Weber BBQs soared by 100%, while Masport BBQs remained flat.

Pre-research on shopping comparison sites is a good gauge of user interest and future purchases. Google Trends historical data also confirms this increase in searches for BBQs in New Zealand, with pronounced seasonality:

Please note that Google Trends data include non-product related search terms such as BBQ recipes and sauces as well as pork and chicken suitable for barbequeing (I tried to apply the shopping category in Google trends, but there’s not enough data displayed unfortunately).

BBQ brands

The four most popular Barbeque brands in New Zealand are:

  • Weber
  • Masport
  • Gasmate
  • BeefEater

Top BBQ products

The top-3 barbeques currently are:

  • Masport-Maestro-4-Burner
  • BeefEater Bug
  • Gasmate Nebula 6210 (GM172-069)

BBQ accessories

Purchasing the BBQ is the first, basic step to a successful summer. However, there are many other items that come in handy when you’re preparing a barbeque. Solid knives for preparing the meat and vegetables, cook books for the more advanced specialists out there and coolers to keep the beverages at optimal temperature. Other useful items for a successful barbeque are outdoor chairs, which come in handy since barbequeing normally takes several hours, as well as mosquito repellent and torches.

It’s time to start buying the ingredients, inviting your friends over and firing up the burners. Happy barbequeing!

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