October Christmas Shopping Tips for Retailers

It’s time to start putting in place some strategies to ramp up your Christmas sales campaigns. We’ve put together a calendar with a list of useful tips to help you make more online sales this Summer and Christmas season. Here are six tips for October.

Tip # 1   FAQ’s

Does your website have a list of FAQ’s to help answer your customers questions? This can help you save human resources answering phones and handling enquiries, which can allow you to focus more on sales and customer service.

Tip # 2   Your Monthly Budgets on Comparison Shopping Sites

Check your merchant accounts to ensure your monthly budget doesn’t run out for paid search and comparison shopping sites. This can lead to your online store losing valuable prospective customers at the busiest time of the year.

Tip # 3   Promote Your Summer Merchandise

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, and NOW is a great time to begin promoting products that will be popular with the arrival of the warmer weather. If you sell BBQ’slawnmowers, camping or hiking gear, fishing and watersports, outdoor games, fitness equipment and outdoor furniture etc – work out some compelling promotion to entice customers into your store or website.

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