Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch

The Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone was announced yesterday in the US by Samsung’s president.

Consumer’s worldwide have shown great interest in Samsung’s next flagshsip model. Samsung also promoted the announcement heavily this time, and that seems to have worked really well.

So what do we know about the S4? Here’s a summary of the most talked about features:

– Larger dislay (5 inch compared to S3’s 4.8 inch screen)
– Eye-tracking software. For example, the S4 detects when you’re looking at the screen, and will pause a video for example if you look away. How cool is that?
– 13 Megapixel Camera. Many of the popular cameras on PriceMe have less resolution (MPs).

The Samsung Galaxy phones are very popular at the moment among PriceMe users. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is the most popular product overall for several months now, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 the third most popular one. Hence, it’s likely that the Galaxy S4 model will join its predecessors when it launches.

The Galaxy S4 will launch  in the second quarter, and it’s believed that it becomes available in New Zealand at the end of June. It should be listed on PriceMe before this date, since parallel importers normally beats offical distributors for product luanches.

How much will it cost?

It’s rumoured that the phone wont undercut the Galaxy S3 model, which currently retails at $659 for the 16GB version on PriceMe.

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