Fixed width layout and more changes

The PriceMe layout has been revamped in the latest 4.2 version released earlier this week. The main change is that we now employ a fixed width layout instead of the liquid one that we previously used. It’s easier to control the layout of fixed width pages, and we can also ensure that the pages look OK on most devices including smartphones. This is basically how PriceMe looked like until May of 2008 (for those of you that have been using PriceMe for a while). There are still a few minor issues with the new layout that we’ll resolve shortly.

Some users have comment that the dark background colour isn’t a modern web colour and ‘difficult’ on the eye. We agree to some extent, and have tried to employ a  white background. The current design doesn’t fit a white background though, so we would have to change the design before moving to a white (or lighter) background colour.

The new version also contains other useful changes:

Product page

Order switched on the product page between the retailer logo column and the retailer product column. Most shopping comparison engines (CSE) site display listings this way and it makes it easier for users to find a suitable retailer. In addition, paying retailers get more exposure when the retailer logo is displayed to the left.

More interesting search result page shown for searches having no matches. We removed the filtering options and also added some tips on how to refine/alter the search.

As always, please let us know directly what you think of the new layout and any other suggestions that you might have to improve PriceMe.

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