Wishlists, Price Alerts and Review Analysis

We released a new version of PriceMe.

Product page:
– Offers from the same retailer grouped together for products that have many retailers.The ‘see all’ link has therefore been removed since it isn’t needed anymore.
– Product page status bar.

– Price alert of retailer on retailer product level.
– Add to wishlist (perfect just before Christmas).
– Review analysis for expert reviews (browse by rating).
– Larger font size for the price.

Catalog page:
– Moved the review stars up to the right of the product name (for the list and search views). This change saves some space and makes the catalog list pages more contact and interesting.

Compare page
– Comparison of reviews from the same review source, so that you can easily see if the same person or site rates products differently. Analysing differences in rating from the same sources is a great way to find good products.

Retailer page:
– Standardise look-and-feel for retailer pages.
– Retailer list sorted by popularity by default.

Please let us know what you think of the above changes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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