Facebook Like and More Updates

The PriceMe team has been hard at work recently. We just released some minor updates. Here’s a brief summary of the latest updates:

1. Facebook like buttons on most pages

You’ll find the Facebook like button including a count next to the product names and category names. Liking a product on PriceMe helps you to inform your friends of what kind of products you’re interested in or like. The product name, image and a product link is added to your Facebook wall. Please note that you need to login to Facebook to use this feature.

2. User reviews updates

  • The most recent review is probably the most relevant one and it makes sense to list it at the top for products that have multiple reviews.
  • Bug in formatting for reviews. Empty lines used in the reviews weren’t display on the product page, which made the user reviews look really unfriendly. We have now fixed this bug, and the formatting looks a lot better after this change.

3. Performance improvements
The price history tab has been loading increasingly slowly due to duplicate data being stored. We have now cleaned up the price history table in the database and duplicate data aren’t stored anymore. Furthermore, we optimised the code that loads the graph. The page load time has been reduced, but it’s still rather slow we think so will further optimise it in our next release.

4. Various minor UI changes

We fixed/updated 5 different user interface issues.

5. Fixed buying guide links

Some of the buying guide links to Consumer.org.nz were outdated and we have now updated all links. Please let us know if there’s still an issue.

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