Are you Converting your Clicks to Sales?

PriceMe is driving  a large volume of traffic to its retailer partners’ online stores.

It’s great to receive qualified traffic to your online store – but are you converting these prospective customers to sales? If not, you may need to have a look at the following checklist to ensure your website is delivering the best ROI on stock units sold and AOV:

  • User Experience – is your site easy to navigate with effective sign-posting and fast-loading pages?
  • Product Descriptions – have you provided informative content with clear visual images?
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout – is it easy for a customer to purchase your products with minimal pages and clicks to get to final checkout?
  • Payment Method – does your site feature a secure and widely accepted credit card billing system?
  • Thank you Page – Do you have an auto-generated “thank you” page that you can use to invite a customer to return and to use for up-selling or cross-selling?
  • Constantly Measure – are you checking your metrics and performance daily to see what days and time traffic is higher, what products your customers are looking at and what your conversion rate is?

It’s worth investing a little time and capital in creating a best-practice website that delivers what your customers want and the best ROI for your business.

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