Hitwise top10 winner

PriceMe was a HitwiseTop 10 Award winner for the period July – December 2009.
PriceMe ranked number 5 based on market share of visits among all  in the Shopping and Classifieds – Rewards and Directories industry. The previous ranking was number six if I recall correctly, so it seems that PriceMe moved up one notch. Hitwise used to have a quarterly reward, but has chosen to award winners twice a year.

Hitwise is considered an authority in the field of website rankings, and analyses server logs and ISP data in order to determine website traffic, so this is a fairly reliable ranking.

PriceMe is committed to keep growing and improving the website. Please let us know directly if you have some suggestions on how to make the site better. We would especially like to hear what the main problems are and what is lacking. With your input we’ll hopefully be able to improve our ranking in half a year.

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