Survey Winner of $100 in Cash

PriceMe’s user survey just finished. Great thanks to everyone who participated. PriceMe really values your feedback and suggestions.  There were a lot of different suggestions raised. Some of the more frequent ones were:

  • Add more product images.
  • Advertise more (Ferrit is more well-know).
  • Advertising banners sometimes load slowly.
  • Increase the number of product reviews.
  • Add more retailers (many electronicsappliances and clothing retailers were suggested).
  • Add more competitions, games and vouchers.

We also have a winner of the lucky draw for all survey participants. And the winner is:

Nikki Bell

Congratulations! We’ll be sending you $100 in cash. Nikki thinks PriceMe should include more bargains and discount vouchers and suggests adding clothing, pet suppliers, footwear, educational and recreational retailers (just to mention a few).

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