PriceMe Shopping Widgets – Widgetising New Zealand!

PriceMe launches online shopping widgets today. This is great news if you’re a website owner or have a blog that needs fresh and interesting content. Surf to the Widgets page and check out three different types of widgets; popular products, price trend and best price widgets.

So what are shopping widgets and how do they work? Widgets are basically small, portable web code that runs in the user’s browser. The information contained in the widget is updated in real time, which ensures that the content is always fresh. PriceMe’s shopping widgets are very compact and loads quickly in any browser. There are only a few lines of code that the website or blog owner needs to copy and paste into the web page. It’s also possible to customise the look and feel of the widget. Please let us know if you have some special requirements or if you want to suggest a new type of widget.

The widgets can be used free of charge. PriceMe later intends to offer CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) type widgets, which also enables website owners to earn money from the widgets while at the same time providing fresh content to users.

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