PriceMe Goes Mobile

Never get ripped off again! PriceMe launches a mobile price comparison site. Just go!

Have you ever been standing in line in a shop waiting to pay for that great product you decided to buy and wondered whether you’re getting a good deal or not? Wonder no more! Quickly do a product/price comparison on your mobile phone and you’ll know directly if you’re getting good value for money or not. No more guessing or running around in multiple shops!

The mobile site offers product search functionality. Browsing of categories is currently not supported. The mobile site has been designed for speed and keeps download costs at a minimum (we’re only providing you with the most important information).

You can use the mobile site from a wide variety of mobile devices. We have tested it on all major brands, and it’s working fine. There might be some rendering issues on some older models though, so please let us know if you encounter a problem and we’ll try to fix it. Other comments are also welcome of course.

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